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Digistar - 600




The DigiStar 600® is a state of the art lab specially designed for Cardiac Cath studies. This is a complete lab that includes a 75KW High Frequency X-Ray Generator, floor mounted table and c-arm, tripple mode image intensifier, ImageStar II® Work Station and Review Station, complete array of high resolution flat panel monitors and our 12bit 1K x 1K CCD Camera.

Image Star® Processor





The Image Star II® R/F Image Processors are high-resolution fluoroscopy and digital spot systems for R/F procedures including mobile c-arm, urology and angiographic. These R/F systems offer standard features that also make it ideal for high-resolution real time digital video acquisition, processing and review for all R/F applications.
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The Image Star II® Cardiac image processor is a high-resolution, fully featured fluoro and radiographic cine system for both angiographic and cardiac catheterization procedures. This system is ideal for procedures where high resolution real time digital video acquisition, processing and review. As is required for high demanding, reliable and affordable digital medical imaging systems, the Image Star II® - Cardiac image processor offers countless standard features.
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DICOM Converter
The Image Star II® portable image processor system is designed for all moble applications. This system is packaged in a small footprint PC and is primarily connected to any analog video system such as Ultra Sound, Moble C-Arms or any other modality where high quality image acquisition and storage is required.
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IWG2 is the name of the new PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) developed by LTI and our partners. The IWG2 system provides patient image and data storage from all modalities within the hospital to create a complete clinical history of a patient in one location. In addition, the IWG2 system provides a complete toolbox of diagnostic tools, DICOM tools, report editor, study scheduling and statistics, CD/DVD study archiving, database queries and Tele-Medicine.
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CCD Cameras

CCD Camera



Model SS960 and SS960L
Our 1K x 1K 12 bit CCD cameras, model SS960 and SS960L, are of the highest quality and have been designed solely for medical X-ray imaging from an image intensifier tube. The standard system is a two piece configuration that includes a camera head and a camera control unit (CCU). The camera head and CCU are both single board design utilizing surface mount technology.

Fluorecord® Processor

Fluorecord Image Processors




Model SS750, SS760 and SS762
All of the Fluorecord® Image Processors are a two piece system that provides power and control for the model SS750 Fluorotron® High Performance Progressive Scan TV Camera.
The SS750 processor is our basic acquisition system with a single or dual last image hold 525 line video outputs.
The SS760 processor is an enhanced version of the model SS750 and provides real time noise reduction and edge enhancement as well as post processing functions of window, level, and subtraction.
The SS762 processor has all of the features of the model SS760 plus a number of additional features like, disk storage of up to 900 frame at 2 frames per second, dual High Line Rate video outputs, a keyboard for anotation data entry and a Remote Control Console and IR Remote.

Tube Cameras

Vidicon TV Camera





Model SS200 and SS600
The Lakeshore Technologies single piece TV cameras, model SS200 and SS600, are very popular high performance vidicon type cameras. These cameras have traditionally been used in a wide range of applications. These cameras are available in 1023/1049/1249 line rates as well as 525/625 lines.

Model SS750 and SS750-1000
Our popular SS750 and SS750-1000 Fluorotron® TV Cameras provide outstanding image quality, with exceptional signal to noise ratio and high resolution, in a compact package. These cameras are progressive scan cameras that are available in both single line rate and dual line rate versions and can accommodate many different types of 25 mm (1") camera tubes.

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