Lakeshore Technologies Inc.
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In October 2001, Lakeshore Technologies, formerly Syracuse Scientific, was incorporated and our team of employees continue to be our most valuable asset. Their abilities, dedication, honesty, loyalty, and effort is not only rare in our age, but perhaps unparalleled. It is their contribution that will continue to insure that our products are the best value and the most reliable in the world long after the sale is made.

Lakeshore Technologies is not new to Digital Imaging Processing. The former Syracuse Scientific developed the VIP-100 in 1982 which provided automatic recursive noise reduction and 1000 line full frame last image hold performance. We have delivered over 1200 digital imaging processors with our Fluorotron® Progressive Camera, including over 500 of our Fluorecord® Digital Spot Systems. With our new Image Star® image processor and CCD camera, we have brought the future within everyones grasp.

Syracuse Scientific manufactured over 16,000 cameras for Fluoro, Digital Subtraction, and Digital Photo Spot service over 23 years. Lakeshore Technologies will continue to service these products for as long as possible and look forward to working with our past, present and future customers.