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IWG2 is the name of the new PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) developed by LTI and our partners. The IWG2 system provides patient image and data storage from all modalities within the hospital to create a complete clinical history of a patient in one location. In addition, the IWG2 system provides a complete toolbox of diagnostic tools, DICOM tools, report editor, study scheduling and statistics, CD/DVD study archiving, database queries and Tele-Medicine.

The storage and the tools are not restricted only to the hospital. They are available online to be accessed over the internet. The access control is made by authentication, and the users are controlled by the system manager.

The IWG2 system provides access to the data and the tools from all over the world over the internet. This access, including real time discussion, is possible over a minimum bandwidth of 512 Kbps. The necessary softwares to the database connection can be downloaded and installed on the client machines.

The study database provides the necessary space to store all the studies in a reliable way. The RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) technology is used to increase the safety of the data. Besides, the IWG2 system provides space monitoring of the cine disk.

The IWG2 system can read any CD or DVD recorded on DICOM 3.0 format. It also provides the recording of CDs and DVD on this protocol, with an integrated viewer with diagnostic tools that can be run on any machine with the MS Windows® operational system.

The IWG2 system provides safety against non-authorized access to the database. The authentication process is by UN+PW, and in the case of internet access, a safe (encrypted) connection is provided and all the ports are blocked by firewalls.

The tele-medicine tool allows physicians of the same hospital, or in seperate hospitals to discuss cases in real-time. O these scenarios, the IWG2 software have two telemedicine tools:

Discussion Forums:
When a study is defined as a discussion case, many physicians can analyze the study data and post their opinion to that case.

Real Time Discussion:
When a study is defined as a discussion case, many physicians can make a real-time conference, with webcams, voice, chat ant interact on the image with synchronized diagnose tools. To interact over the image means that any physician can access any image of the study and use the diagnostic tools, while the other participants can watch the results in real-time.

The diagram shows an overview of how two hospitals would be linked with the IWG2®.


The following is a discription of the configurations of the IWG2 systems:

  • IWG2 Server:
    A computer configured to keep the IWG2 database, and make all the software of the IWG2 available.
  • IWG2 Review Station:
    It is a computer configured for reports edition, image view and analysis, CD and DVD recording and reports and images printing. This computer must have high graphical resources, like big monitors (over 17’’) and high resolution video cards.
  • IWG2 Terminal:
    It is a basic computer configured for entering study and patient data, visits scheduling, database queries, system management, etc. The secretary computer or the system administrator computer can be configured as an IWG2 Terminal.
  • IWG2 Telemedicine:
    It is a computer configured for real time discussion. This computer must have multimedia resources like webcam, microphone, speakers, high quality monitors and high resolution video cards.
  • Home Computer:
    A computer can access the IWG2 system from any place of the world over the internet. For e.g.: A physician can access a study on his home. In this case, the quality of the image analysis, report edition and speed of the data access will depend on the computer resources and the speed of the connection.