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Tube Cameras


Vidicon TV Camera - SS200
Vidicon TV Camera - SS600

Model SS200 and SS60

The SS200 and SS600 high performance single piece TV Cameras are designed specifically for critical X-ray Image Intensifier viewing. These are not modified surveillance or general purpose cameras, but custom designed and manufactured with the necessary features, such as image reversals, superior signal to noise, resolution and stability engineered into the original design for exceptional fluoroscopy.

These cameras are one of the first single piece TV Cameras that operates the vidicon in the High Gauss, High Voltage mode, providing superior resolution and cool operation in a small package. FET input integrated circuit operational amplifiers, CMOS I. C.’s and other state of the art solid state devices have made possible very efficient circuit designs, low power consumption (16 watts) and compact packaging.

Older camera designs operating in the High Gauss mode, use considerably more power and must be larger to dissipate the waste heat.  Some competing designs that operate in the Low Gauss mode still use almost twice as much power as the SS200 and SS600 high performance cameras.  The low operating temperature, resulting from the efficiency of the SS200 and SS600 cameras, significantly reduces the vidicon dark current and positively effects ultimate performance as well as the overall component reliability.



Fluorotron TV Camera - SS750
Fluorotron TV Camera - SS750

Model SS750 and SS750-1000

These High Performance Television Camera are designed specifically for critical Image Intensifier Viewing of diagnostic images created in medical X-Ray fluoroscopic applications. Special attention has been given to uniform high resolution, low geometric distortion, and lowest noise performance without compromising the long term stability required. Electronic artifacts, including shading and sweep ringing are kept to levels below one part in two hundred and fifty ( 1 in 250).

The cameras operate exclusively in the progressive scan mode and will read out a high resolution frame in 1/30 of a second. This permits real time fluoro images at 30 frames per second, and a full resolution Last Image Hold function without the motion artifact encountered in systems using interlaced cameras. Progressive scanning also significantly reduces the annoyance of X-Ray quantum noise, allowing for a significant reduction in dose. For further reduction in dose, the camera may be operated at frame rates down to one per second and less when pulse generators are employed. The design is also compatible with electronic spot or electronic radiography requirements.

These cameras are available in both single line rate and dual line rate versions. The model SS750 camera operates at 1024 x 512 @ 30 hz and the model SS750-1000 operates in a dual 1024 x 512 @30 and 1024 x 1024 @15 Hz. The camera has an easy to implement interface and comes with a wide range of options, such as, selection of lens type, LED bias light, ND filter, auto iris, and mounting adapter.



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