Lakeshore Technologies Inc.
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About Us

Lakeshore Technologies is highly vertically integrated. We fabricate most of our mechanical parts from raw Aluminum stock plate and is purchased in economical quantities. This insures lowest cost, minimum waste, and the fastest turn around possible from order to shipment. Lakeshore Technologies maintains an in-house manufacturing capability for processes that most electronics companies farm out. Included is inert gas welding, plastic and phenolic component manufacturing, painting, product finishing, and printing of instruction books and manuals. We even design and still build our own deflection coils for our tube cameras which is unique in this hemisphere.

Our machine shop has proven invaluable for one day availability of adapter plates, special lens mounts, and other bracketing and hardware necessary for integrating equipment. Custom wireless and wired controls would be an expensive option if it were not for this in-house capability. Machine and model shop operations may be viewed as unnecessary for a high tech electronics company in 2008, but it has enhanced our value and our bottom line results.

Lakeshore Technologies complete CAD workstations offer efficient transfer of product design to circuit board artwork, and program generation for our three computer controlled milling machines. High quality components result in a very timely fashion with insured reliability. It’s all in-house!

Lakeshore Technologies is not owned or controlled by others. Our profits are not drained by weak divisions. Management is dedicated to serving our X-ray imaging customers. Our reputation in standing behind our products is legendary. That reputation will continue.

Lakeshore Technologies has no debt and has been profitable every year, including our first year.

Lakeshore Technologies can integrate our cameras and image processors for use on any system. We have supplied kits that allow our equipment to be installed on Siemens, Philips, GE, Shimadzu, Picker, Toshiba, and Xonics machines.

For upgrades we have supplied customers with:
1. Image Intensifiers and distributors with PMT photo timing circuits.
2. Custom auto brightness signals.
3. Custom generator interfaces.
4. Custom paint colors to match the original equipment.
5. Mounting adapters and interface hardware.

When you consider proven total imaging capabilities, we have got to come out at the top in value and long term reliability.  Staying power and in-house capability have proven to be a considerable resource.